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  1. adek keeps it real they would never let a real graff writer paint whey obey can get permission maby in europe. adek is exploiting this good job
  2. its cre8tive and different
  3. didnt attach that what ??? only want dteeesss
  4. yea that wolf taps moses noach all bringing some new flavor to the game. no hating but the pheista is a little to much like everything else ive seen not that its bad or anything but needs a lil more cre8tivity looks kinda like it belongs on a wall but none the less he has good can control .
  5. Re: ---------------- The =Mr. TOTEM= TATS Cru - 3A - TGE - 7th thread ----------- 09'-til sento rockets???
  6. extracrispy78


    thanks for putting all thoes skulls in the block letters so cool i always wanted to see ich do this since i saw that big rock thing the middle of the woods with thousands of bones and skulls and i thought man that would be sick as the fill in a block letter scheme and now here it is even better then i imagined one of his top 10 peices fo sho
  7. I think bne should use paint or make his stickers a lil bigger i mean hes just going to put one lil stick over a big ass tag
  8. we should just gang up on them and twist there legs
  9. its funny how cali is going broke in the budget crises but they can put enuf money people and time together to buff the la river no wonder the budget is broke
  10. every paint in the world has pluses and it negative points but as far as a line up goes rusto ant nothing compared to these euro companys with more then 4 colors that will work on multi surfaces its like this rusto is not as good as it used to be face the facts , no i said 4 cans are good but that doestent mean i like em or ill use em or that they were good as they once were any good artist can paint a peice with crap paint they have been doing it for thousands of years maby because i have used it since the 70's so i would know alil bit more then a lil toy im talking before computers :lol: i think it was a a,b convo any way so c your way out
  11. who cares if some one wants to paint quantity over quality at least the trains are getting done and thoescars are so round it makes it very hard to paint over spray is a big issue
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