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  1. i've done acid and mushrooms a few times each and they are both pretty fucking mind blowing. i only had one trip and it was the last time i ate mush. i felt like i was leaving my identity completely which scared the shit outta me, but the visuals were pretty intense. DMT sounds interesting, but i'm not sure if i could handle that shit
  2. and i would never know this guy if i didn't have the internet so who cares? i'm from phx he's from cali and our styles aint the same. so i dont know what you're gettin at
  3. I made this for my moms, yeah its a little late but whatever
  4. I've been drawin graff for a couple years and didn't really write much, only went out with a marker if i had one and would catch tags down the street. just started paintin about a month ago, crits welcome! I write AEKOR/AKOR/AK1 a few tags a hollow and some throwies
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