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Everything posted by scumfuck

  1. obsoe des jerx shred, my man luis killin shit!
  2. all i want for christmas is for Panthers to lose out and Andrew Luck delcares, oh and for the Falcons to lose divisional round.
  3. niggers still doing this dumb shit?
  4. yack away fella. youll never do shit. youll always be toy. youll always be clowned on. youll always be another mexican whose existence my tax dollars subsidize. enjoy those daytons my tax dollars bought ya big boy. but hey, yes we can right?
  5. nah, winston's still toy as ever.
  6. howsabouta hella rad front torque?
  7. more like dont let your daughter listen to leftover crack
  8. my man finally got his hands on one of these and gets run out. damn if thats not irony.
  9. that walls the dopest shit ive seen round here in a minute. bump that highway spot. glad to see some of the homies are still burnin the midnight oil. and last but not least fuck police picture messaging shit and FUCK HEARTBURN!
  10. that knowe is too sick. bars goin big... as usual. woem stackin mad colors. BUMP!
  11. this is the first time ive ever agreed with you. i dont frequent that spot often but thats a damn good way to make it where no one can get down out there and thats a straight ass lay up. plus olmec92837492739 or whatever might not start with the dry snitchin. bump that kolen to death man!
  12. most of those crust punk squatter fucks are kids from the suburbs who never had to do shit for themselves, fuck theyre still not doing shit for themselves. as the old adage goes, "im not rich enough to be crust." my $.02
  13. hanes and mauly trackside! bump!
  14. oringe nuff said size 21...dope! nekst and wyse shinin through that diss depths huge as fuck!
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