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  1. Just gave you props, otherwise u'd get more. Thanks.
  2. Shame that Rei went over that old Stone Wall Tavern sign. May not seem like much, but that thing is hand-painted and like 35 yrs old...
  3. Fuckin A, i thought the same thing myself.
  4. They still have yuppie tours underground, except now it's called "tagging in 2010"
  5. yeah i was totally wrong, next time I'll keep my mouth shut
  6. When I think of older (old school?) Boston writers who took young dudes under their wing with success, I think of SLY (actually old school, painted with lots of younger people thru-out the last 25+ yrs). MONK. MES, AVES (imo, the thing that made ITD so successful was that it had several generations of writers, thus various energy levels, focuses on various targets, but the whole time older guys were bringing up the young gens the right way).
  7. What's worse? A wack piece, or when you misspell your "clever" little punch-line?
  8. First Communion? 2501, You interested in a copy of Getting Up?
  9. Post a Simon flick with a cool character.
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