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  1. family 2.0. yo


    shit will work, im gonna make it happen its really the best idea ive ever had, in a lifetime of great ideas.


    imagine tho, you got, say, one husband and 3 wives? thats 4 people sharing parental duties and chores - you can still go out like 21 days a month, and stay home with the kids only 7 days a month. You could lend some of the wives help 3 or 4 nifghts a month to get brownie points and still get mad free time! Get a couple more wives, and you get even MORE freedom while still increasing the size of your loving family! Its all the benefit of a big supportive family, without all the financial drain coming from the male being the primary financial source

  2. so ive been proposing bringing back the harem system for modern parenting to several females, citing how the classic husband-wife-2.5 kids family model only works if one parent, probably the man, makes enough to support a life of leisure. This isnt the case any more, and probably never will be, so the best idea is to have one man to donate sperm, and have several women living with their individual shared children , so that parental duties are also shared, as is division of labor. resources are pooled so you would have a bigger house with more luxury. The girl im dating agrees it would work, and a lesbian stripper i am good friends with , who has shopped me as a potential future sperm donor after college citing my ability to generate incredibly cute genius babies. This wouldnt work with more than one male either, all femaies involved agree nothing would ever get done with more than one male, the mess would be too bad, and everything would turn into a fist fight over territory. So there it is, one male, multiple wives, your boy is working on making it happen for his son, so he can grow up with all the benefit of a big lovng family without the financial drain.

  3. ^Correct...The bodies are only found if they want them to be found, which is usually only if they want to send a message. Central America for instance is real good at this practice.


    That's right boost...stay out of states such as Nebraska and Kansas or you will be disappeared for knowing too much.










































  4. "Fireworks caused a panic towards the birds which made them fly into each other and objects"


    my ass.


    Then what about the 4th of July? Shit doesn't happen then. Also explain why its happening all the way in butt fuck Sweden.


    But we'll never know the true answer, people will forget about this because The Shore premieres tomorrow and it will never be questioned, just like that missile off the coast of California.





    Yo that missile was proven by about a thousand aviation experts to be a plane bc it moved muuuuch slower and at the proper altitude. Was a plane, even looked like a plane unless you use your over blown imagination.




    Also the govt wetwork hit squads don't normally leave people in dumpsters like that, they just dissappear them. That's govt blackout steez, not basic killer 101

  5. one of my best friendsa from high school went to tel aviv to go to rabinnical school and stayed , been there for 6 or 7 years now . my step uncle was in the IDF and hes the coolest motherfucker on that sdide of the family AND scored an awesome wifey there. Actually i wish i would have gone, but im too old now, im onlky a technical jew but pretty much anyone can go if they make a claim bc its basically a recrutment trip to be in the IDF, real talk, but whatever israel is the best thing in the middle east

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