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  1. Yeah I'm the pussy but both u bitches hide behind ur screen name and have yet to meet me in our city. I'm not gonna begin to to trash this thread. You faggots hide behind ur keyboard. Toys
  2. nahmean


    lol @ dues-ish..not quite.
  3. ^ if you go hard enough on one, you dont have to worry about ppl trying to sweep as much. but if you rock some of them blocks that you do, on one than maybe yeah..I just don' like em myself, cause of all the hype personally.
  4. yeah I mean dont get me wrong, if a reefer is worthy of being hit, than imma hit it if i have the opportunity, but I aint going outta my way for them. especially a cold train..thats all im saying..popularity ruins shit
  5. agreed.. popularity ruins everything..all it amounts to is everyone going over everyone anyways. I'll stick to my autoracks and a few boxes here and there. reefers and cold trains aint what everyone makes out of them.
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