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  1. and some stolen flicks
  2. if your doin toy shit your doin toy shit no one may know your doing it but if your a toy everyone will find out eventually not directed twords anyone because obviously someone im with in brh crossed something its dumb high school shit if im going to cross something out youll know it was me i cant speak for the rest
  3. Re: writers in action! looks like rime haha
  4. i didnt think anyone would see the hood fills
  5. that first jerome is cool as hell
  6. so apparently soma moved to dallas and had a mild stroke hahaha
  7. hahaha bump eli and this bra
  8. everything about that picture is fuckin awesome
  9. blocks and demo are gay together...true story
  10. stop being a bitch and face the music
  11. STAMP gets fresher everytime he paints
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