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  1. artinf

    Paris Grime

    you can see more on tumblr http://s-o-paris.tumblr.com/
  2. If I may criticise, I'd say your letters aint bad at all but you got to give your letters equal visual weight. your O and I are way too small (didn't notice the I at first glance, thought it was just a wee bit of the A or an exclamation mark), lose the crown, its useless and make the right part of your Y go up to the top, at the same height as your H...if you do that it should give another look to your sketch and add legibility... hope it helps
  3. artinf

    Paris Grime

  4. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.fr/
  5. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.fr/
  6. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.fr/
  7. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.com/
  8. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.fr/ http://stickersaregay.blogspot.fr/
  9. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.com
  10. http://stickersaregay.blogspot.com
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