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  1. A youthful penis is one which has been taken care of; its age is of less importance than the care with which it has been treated. Keeping an eye on penis health pays dividends; so does regularly using a first rate penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Men with true concern for their penises will use a cream that includes vitamin B5, which is absolutely essential for maintaining healthy penis cell metabolism. Another essential ingredient is L-arginine, which is valued for its role in producing nitric oxide which in turn provides a boost to penis blood vessel health.

  2. BeijingLEDScreen.jpg

    According to Time World, China’s capital city has reached a level of pollution where the only way to spot the sunrise is on a super-sized flatscreen. For those who would like to have an early-morning moment of inspiration, citizens of Beijing can gaze upon the city’s LED screens to view the astronomical start to a new day.



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