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  1. ebenched from various metalheads
  2. nice couple there mr unicraven. well did.
  3. ........................ hi haters!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDPkD1RaMq8
  4. that river piece already looked unreal but now it looks crazy... i think that's your best photo chron, at least of graff related light shit. good combo.
  5. take it elsewhere on with some flikz. Chillin. by el stranger, on Flickr good times are coming by el stranger, on Flickr Shock by el stranger, on Flickr Silk by el stranger, on Flickr Hope4 by el stranger, on Flickr Bingoe by el stranger, on Flickr Beps by el stranger, on Flickr i need my weekends back..
  6. ironlak fade...ouch.. nice bench
  7. i think hope text messages too much..ha
  8. ha. bump that Kuma "it's a piece!" piece. made me lolz
  9. bumpski swear and river
  10. ^ that looks like fun. hmmm
  11. thats funny. he has shit hanging in the umn student center. pukey.
  12. hbak knistt silk ebony love. caught this one myself: always love the first and fifteenth.. yeaa
  13. Fuck yeah mirror man brought the ol whip out of the stable.. SORRY bromo's self PROMO no homo.. slow mo? chromo. solo dolo burrito bowl-o.. fuck polos?
  14. first and foremost bump getting married in a fr8 yard. cuz thats not hotboy. secondly bump that purge it has some real good ol' amurican obesity going for its letters and i really like it.
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