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  1. I dont give a fuck about channel zero or where ever shit is "supposed" to go or whether or not it's got graffiti on it. Just post crashed, burning, tagged, flipped, etc, etc cop cars or cop's faces with their names and precincts works too... all stolen
  2. fakr, i started a thread for you, it's called COP CARS. check it out i think you might like
  3. post fucked up cop cars... ganked
  4. Like what spots? 28th street tracks were already dead. See, "what a lot of people don't realize is that" graffiti gets buffed. period. When kyt showed up everybody was already talking like the limit was pushed. Like it could get no better than when Monk, Kept, Ember, and CO. were killing it. They killed it, someone got busted big time and then it all slowed down and dudes couldn't get their heads out of their asses where they would chill all day and think about how much better it WAS. thats some bullshit. If you're going to point fingers, point them at Siera, Kahn, Nimz, Spel, Rehab, Want, Bleak, Aker, Vent26, Calm21 and Lack, because they were all "blowing up a lot of spots" with KYT too. Big ups to dudes that kill shit and as much as possible and rack as much as they can. Also to the 2nd generation AKB kids, looking good.
  5. the shocker involves the thumb. pinky=ass middle and pointer=pussy thumb=clit and then you use the knuckle of your ring finger on the taint. Why do i know this? Well, who brought the damn thing to the twin cities?
  6. siiickgood shit bump chicago heads
  7. actually, all this rapping crap is boring. so yeah, YAWN. good flicks
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