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Everything posted by Melquiades

  1. yea i think your right about that
  2. saw this in newport news, you think its really MAD?
  3. bummp the elmoak wall I heard that shit is gonna be in the new lord feetis video
  4. caught the buff but bump that PRIC on hampton
  5. does anyone have wider shot of this ^^^^^ billboard above
  6. feelin that mpower and the jade /mpee
  7. bump that JADE AND MPEEE and that SIGH AND AEST
  8. HAPPY NEW YEARS VeeAyyyy FREIGHT FANS!!!!! some flixxx from my files
  9. Wishing everyone a FREAKY new years!!!
  10. I'm still only a fan of one of those two but I was trying to be nice
  11. counted 15 P's on that Pauloe throw BUMP PAULOE AND JAKE
  12. i'd be more concerned with whatever went with that KYT 1999
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