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  1. the only people that would ever give hk respect is a toy becuase they wouldnt know any better, hk u still are a stupid newjack u obvously dont know shit,and it is really humerouse how someone WITH NO LETTERS FOR THE 50MILLIONTH TIME!!!!!!!!!!! thinks he can paint quite wasting are preciase rusto go to the dollar store or something. ur a a disgrace to the entire graffiti scene world wide, toys like u that come on the internet talking shit make the rest of us who actually paint look bad just to even be associated with a fool like u so keep ur wack styles comments and sorry ass in ptts or atleast ur own thread get off clevelands dick, and go back to sucking them in the pitts. and hek will stand on one leg on a unicycle doing backflips threw hoops of fire will smacking ur mother AND STILL BURN YOU AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. theres people in bak that have been painting longer than some of you have been alive, people who painted nyc cleans in the 80's, people who sold crack to dondi white, people who must have sold ur mothers crack, and people who helped develop the cleveland scene, and there is not a single writer in bak that doesnt have letters, and for that matter paint burners and streets keep it real son! do ur homework before you talk Burning All Krews!

  3. well im through babbling with this little girl on here, you proved my point in so many ways and once again ur a bitch you wont even say ur name, and let me guess is this puzle? if not,my bad for mentioning ur name p.s. bak will be rolling threw pitts again........

  4. i dont think anyone has ever even heard of hetik there pal? or atleast not oustide of pittsburgh, and there are a few dope pittsburg artist dont get me wrong no diss to the scene but there are also lots of little fools like hk running around and not even one of his own friends ever tryed to help him learn letter structure obously, yet he trys to come on here talking shit, maybe if he even tryed to learned some letters first people would actually take him a little serouse, but instead hk thought he could try to talk some dumb shit and got dissed thats what happens. he disserved it i dont blame hek

  5. you guys really are a bunch of little girls, same old try to hate one people and never leave a name,hmmmmmmmmm i wonder why? p.s. why dont u be a man and state ur name?

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