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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    ill give you one thing homey everyones screen names on here are stupid humor or fake gangster but your name really reflects reality sir


    "bbrbrbrbrbrberererebrbrbererebrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what happened to that boy"

  2. rastaaaaaaaaa maaaannnnnnnnn yeah

    love alot of reggae but aswad is the shit

    anything dub

    and if you guys like reggae go look into AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE not technically reggae but close enough and damn good to get fucked up to

  3. BUMP THE WHOLE DAMN PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck the haters ohios got alot of heads putting in work !!


    and its ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo damn refreshing not to see a bunch of people whining like little girls can we manage to keep this shit all flicks??????????????

  4. yo homey get well. most of all keep your mind together think of how far you came and all of your acomplishments. things will get better even though it seems like its so long before you know it this will all be a memory i been on the bottom and the only place you can go is up and once you get back there its just as your told what dont kill you makes you stronger. so stay strong think positive


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