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  1. IN CALIdarkdigitprodo2.jpg


    so did ender decide to start writing bazuka?




    OWNING ON YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and in cali like what???????????????????????

  2. oh and the story was ender was like 20 deep so he that he was johnny dangerouse and he was by himself . but all you fools that think your johnny dangerouse when your real deep are all the same when your by yourself suddenly your the one running.

  3. im born n raised Ohio, and Ill post here or paint there regardless of where I live. I cant even believe you tried to regulate me, rofl

    Sorry we cant all just sit in Ohio all our lives, some of us do this thing called "traveling". Get some money and try it, you might enjoy it (and get up in more then 1 city)


    And for the record, I didnt start talkin shit to kids I dont know. I commented on the ender/hek situation and the whole BAK crew started threating me. Get your shit straight, know who the instigators are before you open your mouth.

    Just like on the last couple pages, these kids scream "dont talk shit post flicks" then diss me and my homies. THEY instigate the shit, all I do is not back down cause I aint no bitch.


    to everyone who comments on this whole beef shit -

    If your name aint HEK MAK or KNOT............. shut the fuck up. Its not your business. If you dont like us beefin in the thread, tough shit. if you got an opinion on whos up in the beef, voice it, but if your just on some "stop fighting! type bitch shit, take it the fuck elsewhere. real men compete, if you cant handle that, do somethin with yourself.

    i mean seriously, who DOESNT like a good fight or beef?




    so since when do you know hek or anyone involved (mak knot)?????????????

    so since when do you know anything???????

    your such a joke your own boys dont have your back your pbj's little blow job queen they make you drive them around and do all this shit and still wont let your sorry ass get down with the crew. you telling everyone to shut the fuck up yet your the only one on here everyday whining about your blisters from your high heels or whomever else you are so jealouse of. you sit up all night trying to put some stupid spin on everything said on these dumb websites and act like your the victim . no one in bak ever started threatning you or even acknowledges your exsistance YOU every day are on here crying and whining





    as far as people not bieng involved then get off of this website you dont even try to be a writer.


    go buy fucking graff life or some stupid movie or mag before you try to dog people that painted daytime billboards in jersey and cop cars amongst endless other things. trying to say they never painted another city some of the people you are talking about grew up painting and are older now and have families so they cant just hop in a car anytime they want .

    and as far as real men well were not even gonna get started on this and im sick of giving into your babble game . i apolagize to evreyone who has to come on here all the time and see this constant bullshit and if 12oz was still by invite only i would have you kicked off but since you will just make endless screen names like you already do its pointless just like talking to you. and all those people talking shit arent bak its just the streets cause they speak the truth dont anyone know who all the people on these sites are but they all know the truth. so as long as your giving free head to writers just hit us up next time you wanna come to cleveland and will give you what you really want. others take the girl talk back to tigerbeat as already said


    go talk your bullshit in the vegas thread so you accidently dissapear into the dessert cause what happens in vegas stays in vegas

  4. im not trying to hate really but

    you guys have made every excuse in the world to post these same flicks under like 50 dif threads can you really not get fame any other way??????????? your armed with guns in a very curupt country , why dont you try taking that uniform off and go out at night and paint then will see what kind off box you get "up" in on your way home

  5. yeah you should repost those same flicks like 30 more times..........................


    and the top flick on page is owning on everything burner and dope woman right on the CURB!

    nuff said


    and yall just really emphasis how jealouse you really are because every single post you have is hek this hek that hek hek hek


    if he doesnt matter than how come hes the only thing you ever talk about????????



    all you fools ever do is stick your foot further and further into your mouth.

    the only clown is you desto you have no talent stick to paper for a really long long long long time . there is nothing any of you could ever say that could "clown" anyone but yourself's .

    consider the source?????? i mean come on

    so now were going to go back to the same thing we've had to do to you in the past just not even acknowledge your exsistance .




    so go ahead and say anything you want no one cares what you have to say

    and please for god's sake everyone just ignore this fool no matter how outragouse his babble is.

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