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  1. yeah you should repost those same flicks like 30 more times..........................


    and the top flick on page is owning on everything burner and dope woman right on the CURB!

    nuff said


    and yall just really emphasis how jealouse you really are because every single post you have is hek this hek that hek hek hek


    if he doesnt matter than how come hes the only thing you ever talk about????????

  2. ya lets keep this shit at flicks actions speak louder than words. the ender vs hek shit is old if/when it happens you guys can talk about it then but otherwise lets not make this thread go back to a bunch of whining babble.


    boys do what they can men do what they want

  3. yeah they need to teach east and got how to paint

    ha ha


    dude were so sweat


    let me change screen names yeah were cool


    screen name three yeah bump that


    screen name 4 i agree sweet dude

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