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  1. It's not really the crack heads, they're usually harmless. It's more the hustlers, people that are armed and don't want you on their block. Personally, I've only been fucked with a couple times…had my shit stolen once but I have a friend with a bullet hole in his car and I couple others that have been held up/shot at.
  2. No not really, most out of towers go through a stage of culture shock the first few days…there is no city like Detroit.
  3. There are threats in Detroit you generally don't have in other cities because it's a free-for-all. The cops also aren't there to stop anyone from robbing you, shooting at you, etc. When these things happen…and they DO happen…you will probably wish you were going to jail in some other city. It's not necessarily your turf out there…especially if you're not from there.
  4. That Jasp. That character too.
  5. graffiti making a come back here
  6. Where is the purge and paid that go with that agent?
  7. That marm is dope. Aires is a gay ass name. How do you pronounce that? To me it just says "airs" but I keep hearing "aireees" when people say it. Aries? What about that dude thats been around a minute "arys" tbk? Thats THE "arys" in my opinion but then again Detroit graffiti is like its own island with backward rules, low literacy and history education. Abilities though, yes. His stuff is easy on the eyes. More dead krak head. Best Detroit graffiti.
  8. Its pretty fucking obvious, why don't you read it again and look at the pictures again? Let me guess... You write "twinkletoes"?
  9. Untitled by Muy Fresco, on Flickr Untitled by Muy Fresco, on Flickr I don't live like with my parets either....(retard) I just paint pieces about idiots that do this shit. Picture that baby screamin" I do REAL graffiti and REAL crimes on the daily!"
  10. I'm pretty sure you are the one over compensating with doo dads and technique to hide your lack of foundation in letter structure. At least east has letters.
  11. Do that many people know what you write by your screen name? Is that why you're so salty? That is retarded, to say the ?east. -kingmotherfuckingcasual7 /?
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