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  1. Threads been slow and thought I'd save. Here's how a real team alpo member gets down. So after a week of being responsible with work, school, taking care of a sick relative and pets, and having only 3 hours of sleep a day I manage to unwind by drinking for 18 hours straight on friday no joke. A whole day of drinking, weed cookies, blow, mad bowls, poon, fighting, and a bucket of KFC is definate team alpo foundership status. PS drunk off a 5th of rum, a couple lines, and a couple of bowls and bowls of flip food.



    "Anyone talk about my team of alpo members can eat a hot one"



    -Zero aka magnum o'piss

    the atrocious dopest

    that'll make you eat ho piss

    and vanish with two words bitch......

    Hocus Pocus

  2. Re: TEAM ALCO


    Sorry guys I've been a little busy doing much needed partying.




    And that was only a eigth of what we went through. Many beer runs. Many margaritas and a beach setting. It was awesome. I'm also a genius on the grill, no doubt, but you cant work sober I had to kick a few back while working my magic.


    Check the bulletin.

    Over and out.

  3. Friday


    Go shopping for some t shirts

    Grab some alcohol and go to Santa Cruz

    Play Boggle



    Drive my girl back to the bay so she can go to a viewing (aunt died)

    Then drive back to SC cause shes crazy and wants to be hella complicated

    Go to the Boardwalk and see how much feti I can throw down on the dollar oysters down there

    Head back to the beachhouse and drink massively



    Try to sneak in some more seafood

    Drive back and drop the lady at the service

    Pick up cash that people owe me

    Make a catalogue of various home decor that I'm hustlin




    Beer of the weekend

    Home brew


    Music of the weekend

    Probably metal and a mix

  4. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    Hahaha.....My friend and I were eating at an italian place and he orders a regular soda and the waitress is like one diet coming up and he said bitch did i order a fucking diet she jumps back and apologizes but as shes walking away my friend grabs his gut and says miss I will have that diet. I was fuckin dyin of laughter......in conclusion im getting my gym pass on monday and i urge that you probably should too since summer is coming up.

  5. Really...I can quit smoking cold turkey and not care. I must have better self control or don't really like smoking in the first place. And I thought this was about the colon blow.

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