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  1. i keep hearing all these service people crying about no tips or low tips, but i dont see them crying about how much or how little they claim on there taxes. i know for a fact that they probably make more than alot of us in more physically demanding job. Remember without a customer to come to your place you will be out of a job, and since you guys are such people oriented,you can do real well pan handling or street performing. New thing to tell yourself before you go to work " treat everyone the same no more no less" then you wouldnt be salty about people who dont tip or tip little. suck it up or get a new job fucking entitlement minded ass bitches

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  2. yes, it is customary not mandatory.

    so you are choosing to be disrespectful and rude simply because its not mandatory to be polite?


    that makes you and whatever people fit into the ethnic group you think you're representing fucking stupid.


    so tell me some colored folks stiffed you on a tip and you got all red in the neck, should have regulated on them or else keep ya mouth shut. everyone knows there are people who dont tip, tip little, or tip big. point is do your job is what ya bossman gonna tell you.

  3. theres only a couple people i tip, my barber and strippers( only in the designated tip zone, anywhere else fuck off hoe). white people fuck it up all the time overseas tipping when it aint necessary and then monkey see monkey do. fuck all these service industry people crying about people that are cheap and dont tip( get a new job or get a gun and rob someone). the worst are the non service people with the tip jars out but once again monkey see monkey do can ya blame them. I am waiting on the day someone comes out and says something to me, i will embarrass the shit out of them and ask to speak to the manager thug life nigga. and all you people here that say blacks and asians dont tip , its CUSTOMARY NOT MANDATORY dumb fucks, and the hispanics why they gonna tip they own family members.

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    I just posted this in my "Shameless" thread, and then realized I never mentioned it in here, where it would be really appreciated.


    On New Years I got a straight edge girl (a real serious one, X's tattooed on her face, had never even touched alcohol, etc) to take a sip of champagne, and while I was happy I accomplished that, I figure that was it.


    FALSE! Completely "broke her edge". She's since started smoking blunts, wu bangers, and getting drunk haha...GREATEST THING I'VE EVER DONE!


    Wow, that's mad funny. Is this chick good looking, hell if you got her to break her edge might as well try to pimp the bitch out playa.



    Man when I first moved here to RI ages ago, i couldnt help but to laugh whenever anyone said " yeah ked" or "yes suhh" but when I went back to Cali I laugh whenver I hear " hella" or " harrrd". I dont think there is a such thing as a RI accent but would really call it a Northeastern accent with Boston people having the most distinct or noticeable sound.



    38-7 Pats over the Phins, we could of had a shut out if it wasnt for Darius Butler. I lost my 1 pm bets hopefully my 4 pms will come through. And yes went to Fantasies( only had 1 girl working the 1st floor) sucked but looks roomier with some remodeling so does Cheaters but that place needs a discrimnation policy. Best looking girl was the waitress

  7. Street artist's are ruining graffiti hahha not PUNK or HEAVY METAL. Shit I wonder what type of music Cornbread was listening to when he started writing. Hell I read in a interview with Seen and he was like when they was doing the trains they would drink and smoke while rocking out to Black Sabbath. Graffit transcends so many labels. You'd be suprise the other things that people who write are into besides graffiti. hahah

  8. I got Crazy Kings #2(Ramellzee in front)#3( all oldschool heads in the front) #4( Mitch) but I wont sell them. Those are things that will never be reproduced. I've gotten rid of old krylon cans and wasted them before I will sell my magz. I wish I got all the Skills,Undercover,Flashbacks. No Limits 2 Fame, Masterpiece. The American Magz game isnt on par with our Euro or Aussie Counterparts. The best magazine that I have seen so far is One Track Mind reppin Bay Area Graff. Im not sure if its still active but worth looking into

  9. Yo I feel you on the magazine game here in the states. If you check some websites like iladelstylez.net I think you can find some of the old Can Controls anything other than that gotta go on Ebay or from time to time there will be people posting there stash they want to sell. I got all the magz you are talking about but dont have them in full sequence. If you got magz to trade holla

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