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  1. true the person below me has fond memories of Jordan and the bulls dominating the NBA in the 90's
  2. you guys really like this casek guy huh
  3. true the person beow me is feelin kinda down
  4. false the person below me has been to new york
  5. false... more like 48 the person below me drank energy drinks with hard alcohol last night ie: vodka redbull or jaggerbombs
  6. Re: Don't Call it Frisco adek and puzle bombing together? wow, probably the sickest combination ever
  7. you guys take this board wayyyyy too seriously, find a new hobby. do you guys tell your friends and family that you spend countless hours on a graffiti sites chat room? i wonder how they'd feel
  8. false the person below me has a life, and could really give a fuck about a screen name on a chat room
  9. false the person below me is supersticous
  10. ummmm false thats realy shitty of yo to rub it in the person below me needs to trim their pubes
  11. UBER FALSE! the person below me prefers hockey to basketball...
  12. true the person below me has licked chocolate sauce off their significant others genitals :P
  13. false person below me felt guilty about something they ate today
  14. naw, but im crazy at mental math like multiplying big numbers and percentages the person below me got some nookie today
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