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  1. The sad thing about this comment is that dude doesnt realize he or she or whatever has a choice about getting on the web site. Maybe check out cake farts in between your blackbook time fuckin lame! if you dont like it, pick another web site you dum fuck....new throwings on baxter, pretty cool to see. o and saw some new horse and those a lookin things. somebody should flick them before there gone. vodak killn shit to
  2. pigs feet and baby toes! lrg on my body everything off her body. kentucky fried chicken, mash potato on my button up, purple in my cup( im southern its a normal thing) pink on my passage seat. rusto fats are so last week. wheaties and wheat paste. hand cuffs on my suit case.
  3. chicken wings and green beans extra cheese on that pizza homie. polo mix it up with timberland boots and what ever your ordering ill take two. but really we kool de la!!! but not really
  4. fst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. funky cereal aka argyle socks and alife shoes.....polo skins and earth planters....rags flyin from mag to hill you knkow what it is! packs from lexs to cinci. shoot gun till she wants to see my guns..... your crew runs runs your crew runs runs!!!!!
  6. Pm me if you really got beef. So i can handle this. I don't have time for children shit
  7. uuuummmm just so you all know im number one at stencils too!
  8. this is the gayest shit i have seen yet
  9. damn bump the pepe doves fr8 shit is ill
  10. http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e257/kxxxk/SDC11635.jpg self promo had to do it.. first one in about 4 months
  11. yall are funny that air spice is 4 feet tall and horse is my brother does any body want to keep fighting about it... and yeah i do stencils. i do it all. shit i even sew..... graffiti is so silly
  12. Akae! Dark Mines Binge Horse Jigl Rise 4 be home home soon boys....shit is looking good
  13. there are some nice flicks in there! love the throw backs
  14. go ahead and go hot shot
  15. Re: 1980 HEIST 2005 rest in peace!!! amazing thread amazing graff writer!!!! RIP King KIller Heist
  16. FRANK!!!!!!!! every body else just so so...lol
  17. cense skrew throwies niiiiiiiice real nice
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