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  1. bump that seap and guber
  2. bump the binge frieght and that iou guy i think u owe me something
  3. hahaha i dont know where the attachment came from
  4. dude this one time i was smoking a bow...in a warehouse and i was like wow this shit should get painted cuz i like to paint and then the next thing you know people are painting warehouses.... so i guess your all welcome.....nah mean ive watched u contradicted yourself alot bro stop. as a matter of fact everyone stop please. there is no need for yall to make our city look stupid!...everyone is welcome at identity by the way and just so you know they just got a hardcore order in and i know how all of you guys are hardcore so cop some good paint and a fresh t shirt. its spring time baby!
  5. sever coming with the ill simples skrew rime augor roid
  6. who the fuck cares graff is graff if your not ready to fight the buff, streets, and the cops then go buy a fucking canvas
  7. Nekst Is a Monster, a mu fuckin animal!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bump horfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. utah ether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo icy
  10. bump the gt!! haven't seen that in years
  11. i'll paint an autorack and get caught in three different countries..so you don't have to... where are the juice throws? they're the shit!
  12. iou binge snak depik JIGL!
  13. shockl bjae juice FST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. not a basketball thread? come on now me and my team is ball'n
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