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  1. KING FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody...ssssshhhhhh!!!!!!
  2. please stop posting unfinished pieces of mine! it drives me crazy...ok thank you
  3. gram frank thats whats up! I see you wasp
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W9cjwVaeTs&feature=related
  5. horse and I in the 90's eatin waffles and calamari with ginger in the cup
  6. dang I'm going to have to post the finished versions of them joins but all in all nice post!
  7. o and hiena with dem hands......but yo kfc is foreva!
  8. dang y'all is funny for realz. talk some more shit for me to read and post more of dem hoes...cuz just painting aint that fun for real the u go girl bird house is dope!
  9. from now on only post spice flicks!!!! no buts
  10. damn i was wondering if that truck was ever going to pop up. thanks for the flick who ever you are! shit takes me way back
  11. if yall can't tell by the tag that shit is old beef
  12. in other other words dont talk unless its about how dope 2buk is
  13. i was the first to do the double outlines on my taggers! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D everyone can take cerdit for something but most likely its been done. the game is about how you do it! and as far as a akae, nobody can do it better!!!!!!!!!! get a job and a new hobby loooooo lifes
  14. no kids go ahead do graffiti.. fuck your life up
  15. /QUOTE] this makes me so happy! -spice
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