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  1. more causr and trik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. here are so e props for my homies!!!!! GRAFFITI IS SUPPOST TO BE FUN
  3. ??????????????????????? i have no idea what your talking about. i have pissed on kafe tags though.....give me a pm though i would be more than happy to set up a piecing battle for names. you know to keep it all for the name of graffiti
  4. Damn I fucking love swet!!!! so dope post more
  5. hahahaha naw he is right. not everyone can paint rectangles like kafe.
  6. kafe i think all the stuff you paint is funny
  7. spice died and became a phantom
  8. zeal opened a bed bath and beyond in kansas, jigl writes poems and runs a sunday school and grave went back to aferica to find his soul......you dry snitching bitches!!!!!!!
  9. bump avert and all my mfk homies!!!
  10. bump erbik...your skulls are scary!!!
  11. sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! be quite. tonight is the night we ride!
  12. to many to name real nice post!!!!!
  13. where are all the sub surface flicks at?????????????????????????????
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