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  1. news flash jesk & gawks on tv ..bad pic from tv
  2. found this lightup all the way to the right in az
  3. bump muh homie flecks doin work
  4. i dont think reba coulda bit aests e any harder up there
  5. i think im big meeeech, saper the raper!
  6. they forgot to put in is a bitch till he takes his own battles fuggin pussy ass herb
  7. wow looking at that expert fill is like liquid acid all over again
  8. md.repr1


    it looks like later but i dunno
  9. those shoes were done they smelled like shit i dont give a fuck. get some new jones bitch ur lame
  10. wack ass quotes they deserved to get buffed
  11. good job snitching and dick riding all in one combo!
  12. md.repr1


    been seein buncha scum frieghts down here southwest good to see some b-more styles come by
  13. md.repr1


  14. md.repr1


    bump that vuse and vase
  15. md.repr1


    my homie drips doin it proppa keep it up playa
  16. http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c386/skatevibeguy/?action=view&current=sks.mp4 think im fuckin around? i dont think so.
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