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Everything posted by atis_memphis

  1. i will be making my way to nashville for this. fuck yeah
  2. good thing i built a wall at my house so i can PRACTICE AND FINE TUNE MY SKILLS. or are you just SUPPOSED to do your shitty pieces for everyone to see? im lost.. aquemini
  3. THAT is a level of jealousy that i have never seen.
  4. idk but those last 2 pieces are so ugly!
  5. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA thats exactly what i thought. ive always been a huge tier fan. this is the best thread ive ever read. TIERDO. THE WEIRDO. FOR REALDO
  6. great posts. great thread. rollers are the shit
  7. that is some serious lingo my man!
  8. and bump jeka and those sears building pics damnit
  9. its the thread. have you been to every city in TN recently?
  10. i wish somebody would have just ran up and smashed that dude in the face with a brick.
  11. aw man, that tron got covered up by an ugly ass character.
  12. you make a good point. bump that paser MFK LAWS
  13. it's " ima call yo momma up" sorry i had to..
  14. those whiteys creepin. them whitedudes cray.
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