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  1. put deez nuts in your mouth you fuckin square
  2. fuck you and your Clockwork Orange stolen name. If people tell you your shit sucks, no big deal, suck it up and make it better. stop crying you little fucking bitch. graffiti is for people able to stand their own ground, because this is illegal, and dangerous. Nobody gives a shit about your whining. It sucks? Get better. Your shit's toy? shut up and make it less toy. It DOES matter how long you've been getting up.
  3. hey uhh i've been practising.. if anyone has any tips on how to draw less stupid, please share..
  4. i'd grab my paint roller and just stand beside him and roll over his shit while he's still doing something. on the spot beef is the best.
  5. graffiti an art? HELL NO IT'S NOT ART. It's just something we say when you catch us wrecking your shit.
  6. i rack shit all the time; i jack Woodcraft pens and all that other consumer available shit. the nice shit, like Montana paint, OTR markers, and so on, i have to buy; because if i rack that, i'll be an asshole. I'm ripping off the same place that promotes this. talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
  7. fuck you guys. 10$ is a lot of money. i can't rack from a place that sells flowpens either because that's just not cool.
  8. blkout


    yeah, knives are cool. i'll scribe up your face real quick.
  9. can i put krink ink in an OTR flow pen or will it clog up the tip/pump system? i know the krink ink works on the Pilot, but i don't wanna ruin a 10$ marker.
  10. these ones. what can i do with them? they don't really look modifiable. i don't really use these often because the ink fades really fast, but now i'm low on money and can't afford a better marker.
  11. if all of you are so worried about cops seeing you out at night, what you do is avoid taking main streets.. geez.
  12. What’s the deal? Spray paint (or “fun in a kizz-an”, as we like to call it), is a colorful reminder that fun can be hiding anywhere. Even in grandpa’s shed! Why taint your veins with drugs when you could be painting them a number of awesome colors, like candy apple red or John Deere green? The sky’s the limit with spray paint, and that’s incidentally where you’ll be going after sucking down a can or two! Where can I find it? Sheds, hardware stores, and that scary alley where the people with no inside voices play dice all day. What will happen? If you want to inject your brain with colorful fun, simply take a can of spraypaint, hold it to your nose, and press down. If you listen hard, sometimes the colors will talk to you. Maybe they’ll tell you where dad hides his pistol! Who’s the coolest kid in school? The one with a ring of paint around his mouth and a wicked cool six-shooter in his backpack, that’s who! Watch your back! Remember that using spraypaint on things that aren’t yours is illegal. If a cop comes along and tries to kill your buzz, drop the can and tell him this: “I’m tagging my turf, and my turf is my nose, muthafacko.” If the cop doesn’t give you a high-five call the police station and tell them he is trying to molest you. For big kids only: The small plastic ball in the can, used to agitate the paint, is like an adventure pill! Some people might tell you to cut the can open, but that can result in an explosion from the sudden release of aerosol. If you really want to ride the paint wave, open wide and swallow the whole can! You’ll be like a snake with a magical watch. What time does that watch point to? Party time! Ace W. High Sez: “Druggies end up / With tags on their toes / If you don’t want to die / Graffiti your nose”
  13. blkout

    graff songs

    maaan.. ya'll need to get some soundbombing mixtapes, especially the 1st one, that's straight up writer's music. also KRS-One and Arsonists are good too. MF Doom also. there's enough artists that give big ups to graffiti.
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