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  1. hahhaa yoo. RAPSE, i wouldn't take offence to anything he has to say. dudes to much of a pussy to even state his name (POSE)... forreal who the fuck are you to call anybody out like that? make a new name on the internet, talk all that shit that people have talked down to you..... thats a straight bitch move... do your thing raspe...
  2. unfortunitly we cant all be as successful as pose and julip.... that stabs packin heat!
  3. a crew called "new jacks"? . ahah now thats funny
  4. that was the shit. when spots used to look like that^
  5. yezzziirrr some good shit right there..
  6. yeah, i see occational heads popin up on the mta. MEARS one of the only handfull of people i see still pushing bus status. the man RANDOM is on a line or two..
  7. Dont take it as a invite....
  8. I seen a kingcaspa sticker yeasterday. that shit was hard..... pose. if you weren't bitin letters there be nothing to point out... period
  9. second that, not tring to be a dick... con O, areks E, shits gadda quit.. southwest commin threw with some bangers. that sek is blazzee..
  10. cmon dugg, your clearly ripping TWINEs colors in this... how did you exspect to get away with that?? thats pathedic...
  11. ahahhahah thats funny, you would know everything abot name dropping... lets be hoenst your in no possition to be calling anyone an "ass".. do yourself a favor and keep your mouth closed bitch... until your ready to come see me i sugest you shut the fuck up
  12. thanks for that photo Soak, shits icey clean... monkry pussy guy unless your going to post some decient pictures.. please, shut the fuck up
  13. yoo nuclear is that the pose from chicago? likin the green on that kae..
  14. I havent been on this thing in a minute and i hear about some faggot calling me out on a webpage... lets get some shit straght .....ive been tring to fight you for how long? shut your fucking mouth I came allllllll the wway up to your fucking house becasue your to much of a bitch to drive down mine and when i get there you bitch the fuck out... your a straght bitch your 5 years older than me and 5000x more of a pussy... all you do is open your mouth and when you get confronted you get shook the fuck, grow a dick faggot.... and noone dick rode you about that peice of shit warehouse! you called me for 2 weeks solid tring to get me to paint that bitch so shut the fuck up... this was my favorite line, HONESTLY "your only a tough guy on 12 but your a bitch on the streets" considering its been months since ive been on this bitch and the fact you said 'streets' what the fuck do yo uknow about the streets you fuckin hillbilly you live in the fucking sticks.... ONCE AGAIN, STOP OPNEING YOUR MOUTH and come see me bitch, you know where I live, you know it sthe same adress you gave to the police you fucking snitch... you paint over everyone and think it can be fixed with a simple 'sorry'... keepin hiding faggot ill run into your eventually... can you do no just me, but EVERYONE a favor... stop posting your wack ass pictures and SHUT THE FUCK UP... you ant scared of me? but when i call you out you tell me im not worth your gas or your time... so i come see you and you run off.. its cool though, keep running your mouth. its just funner for me when i finally bump into you.. your 23, start acting like it bitch sorry for poluting this website with more dumbshit, thats all i gadda say.. DYMESONER forreal shun, save your fucking breath for when i see you.. honeslty... none of us care.. PM me if your that anal about the situation
  15. YEAH WHAT THE FUCKS UP WITH THOSE HANDS!? angry show em how its done!?! haha what a joke... YOU WRITE DRUSKE AND RUSK!? damn i think the only orginal thing to do is write DUSK. YEAH thats original. angry id like to shake your hand. your hallows off stpaul are still running. HEY atleast you got something on the streets... i usually keep to myself and dont pollute this tread with the nonesence. but cmon... yeah ERGE dont suck. but who the fuck would know what an erge was unless they lookd under a bridge. yeah you got some fills on the southwest, CONGRADULATIONS... yall some clowns, if you ant down with BS then YOU ANT DOWN... always on someones dick! ARAB, SHY, DYMES, WAYS, etc... forreal though, yall need to grow some balls and stop swinging from everyone elses.. FORREAL shut the fuck up, nooone wants to hear it..
  16. searched History Behind Baltimore, and this came up.. http://www.kilduffs.com/gas_48_Baltimore_PulaskiHighway_abandoned_2006.jpg wordd
  17. DBK always burns shit..
  18. those twine hands, nicccee
  19. who hands do these belong to?
  20. that UuuuNnnnIiiTtt is pretty slick, worddd
  21. jc just needs a new coat of paint where its needed.... fuck that spot? yeah i guess we could jsut donate it to all toys in the area.. i see alot of things are being handeled like this in baltimore now a days.. noones standing there groundd :nope: people jsut need to know where they belong and dont..... its whatever....
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