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  1. FAVES by 2ONE5-1981 (S.O.B.A.), on Flickr
  2. faves by YARDMASTER176, on Flickr
  3. faves...june by feck_aRt_post, on Flickr
  4. Seen (not legit?) by mikeion, on Flickr debate if this is fake or real
  5. New York City - Subway Sign by Junobo, on Flickr
  6. Tropicana Graffiti Freight Train by MrAnthonySoprano, on Flickr
  7. blade graffiti kings by SER - GraffitiK1NGS.co.uk, on Flickr
  8. SMITH THE REBELS by S C R A T C H I E S, on Flickr
  9. Ridles Graffiti by gargantuen, on Flickr
  10. Mad kid by LiquidCrack, on Flickr
  11. that post right there,would make a hell of fr8 video.
  12. stori by Yo_Soy!, on Flickr hope this is the wh stori
  13. fume street graffiti miami beach by Rob React, on Flickr
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