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  1. nektar by miss_criSSty_anNe, on Flickr I know this is a model train thread,but fuk it this is dooooooooooooope.
  2. Lyes DOS WH TKO by Baltimore Archive, on Flickr
  3. Popquiz A2M WH SWS D30 by Baltimore Archive, on Flickr
  4. too bad that shit fades quick
  5. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks It is not un common to find all kinds of dead animals around tracks.You got to remember there's all kinds of santeria going on.Down south I found a bag chickens with there heads cut off.Sad to say there is real worship shit going on.
  6. Ven , Reas AOK . The Big Paypack, Total Destruction. Mass Confusion by vendalism, on Flickr
  7. Due Rich painted by Min , Rich & Kel RTW..Early 1985(Not Ven photo, just a big influence) by vendalism, on Flickr
  8. RIDLE by TrainBenchKingYo, on Flickr
  9. SHOW2, CLOEK by TrainBenchKingYo, on Flickr
  10. COLT45 by TrainBenchKingYo, on Flickr
  11. HARSH by TrainBenchKingYo, on Flickr
  12. alot17 piece by vie etch duels by D.T.TUFF, on Flickr
  13. Faves by cannibal holocaust, on Flickr
  14. Ridle by cannibal holocaust, on Flickr
  15. Sinek by cannibal holocaust, on Flickr
  16. steelwheelin' weedend ya tu sabes
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