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  1. I really feel bad for ARMN's.... Those things get smashed on.


    Bout to start bringing white buff to the spot daytime for some clean ups.


    Get in good with the workers too. Maybe scoop a parking pass.

  2. More to come...










    These 2 cars were really cool. KERSE always has shit rolling threw the spot but on this time the 2 cars that were there had him on both. even more interesting it was 2 KERSE TAPS cars. Even more interesting they were (im guessing) 5+ years old.


    Either they have been together ever since they were done (possibly the same night) or they just in a world of chance happened to end up right next together as the only 2 cars at the spot far away from where they were origonally done.


    Its funny how the lines work.



  3. I can remember watching this guy in some graf video back in my early days of the game.


    Something about Canadian train hopping i think? Train stopped around a curve in the mountains and they ripped some panels. He was wearing all black. Real cool section.


    Anyone know what video im speaking of?



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