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  1. Cain will defend his title 1 time. Then loose to Carwin ( assuming Carwin beats Nelson )
  2. Lesnar draws the line at wearing a neon green bracelet.
  3. tabloid-


    any of you ride this frame? I'm thinking about adding it to the fleet
  4. it must suck to get caught cheating.... and still lose
  5. James Tony is lucky he didn;t make his MMA debut in PRIDE
  6. http://videosvision.com/category/livestreams scroll down
  7. Yeah it worked. The Jews got Israel and the Retards got Channel Zero
  8. that WIZ / VASE wall is a favorite
  9. when was the last time Belfort made 185? 2008? why is anyone disputing Chael Sonen's performance? He's the only person to ever put Silva through the grinder. He gets props for that. Dude is game. A douche bag, but a D-bag that can fight. I might actually pay to see a rematch.
  10. Silva vs Belfort ( assuming he can make 185 ) Sonnen vs Wand assuming both Silva and Sonnen win they are coaches on the next TUF and set up a mega fight rematch
  11. it's funny how Sonnen discredited Silva's ' Nogueira brothers' black belt, but got beat in a 'big Nog' fashion. I'm a fan of Matt Lindland and his game plans/ coaching, but Sonnen talked a whole mess of trash and lost the same way he always looses. Dude needs to take sub-defense seriously.
  12. I can't stand Sonnen... but this is cool
  13. http://onepinoytv.blogspot.com/2010/06/boxing-mma-free-live-streaming.html
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