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wang dang

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  1. wang dang


    that R looks bitten from rei and didnt goner do that fill before?
  2. I'm selling chewbaccca dunks 10.5 burlap, dark brown, light tan/ mushroom/ birch. nice nice suede http://cgi.ebay.com/nike-dunks-CL-Chewbacc...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. sorry for all the posts. my computer was being wack and i didnt realize it posted all these... sorry guys
  4. i heard that this is a federal offense? i just wanted to know what the consequences are for getting caught in a train yard: 1) if you are caught with paint on you or in the act of or2) getting caught benching (i.e. getting in trouble for trespassing)
  5. caught this one a while ago too
  6. i caught this freak out in utah...
  7. i got chased for these so enjoy please
  8. wang dang

    Wash DC

    it sure seems like atb owns dc. i love it. so much props. koma rules
  9. wang dang


    i want to see some more goest stuff
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