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  1. fuck yes...the last few pages are kick ass! keep it up chicago
  2. that erie n skol rooftop is fuckin insane
  3. lets get some more most dibo and okan on here...hot shit!!!
  4. probobly a stupid question but can i get some of that garvey ink at places like walgreens if not then where and also... is marsh ink as dope as people say it is?
  5. its funny because even though he's gone, depte still representing hard, i still be seeing all his tags down town and on the north side...crazy shit... R.I.P. KING DEPTE!!!!!!!!!
  6. i have agriff that i hadn't used in a year and i t became pretty thick, if i add some break fluid would that make it drippy again.
  7. damn this girl got that nice euro style, i wonder what she looks like from the front.
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