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Everything posted by fuckum

  1. CAKE TARS UTAH And I caught that big ass REND a few months ago so bump for that too...
  2. Bump for the dope HEIST (r.i.p.) catch... REI
  3. Bump for that ZORE fullcar, shit looks dope, I caught oen the other day.
  4. Bump for this one, it's crazy.
  5. Bump for the ZINE and GLUE, # 31 and #32
  6. ATAK And that SUGA looked pre dope.
  7. fuckum

    volume 3

    Bump for that NAVY 8 streak and the SAVIOR fr8.
  8. fuckum


    Bump for that ATAK LIONS fr8, and HESR (r.i.p.)
  9. Nice short post... COUPE NACE (R.I.P.) HESIT (R.I.P.) AGS
  10. Bump for the COUPE ARMY TURDLE STORI shit...
  11. Dope post for sure, those ARYS WHEN SIGH cars are dpe as fuck...
  12. fuckum

    VOLUME 2

    Damn that KWEST car was dope as fuck!
  13. fuckum

    Uk Freights

    I'm feelen the last few...
  14. fuckum


    Those last two productions are fire.
  15. I'm just gonna have to bump the whole thread... R.I.P. HEISTER
  16. fuckum


    Bump for the CROW HEIST TIMBER AVERT shit... From Cinci.
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