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  1. highland park is garbage as far as living goes, but if you're tryin to paint... there's gold in them there hills... Hamtramck is awesome as far as living goes, good people, good bars, good food, good weed... but if you're trying to paint, it's garbage, a dumpster tag had my boy held up for a couple few weeks... and it's the only place in detroit with a decent police response time. American jewelry and loan is westside... not the gnarly west side though, i feel like they stage 100% of the bullshit they have on that show. I did see Les leaving that spot once, i pointed and thumbs up'ed him, he smiled and waved. As an eastsider myself, i've come to notice that the east side, despite looking much much more gully is less populated than the west side. Just like any other city, the more populated the area the more crime, but with the east side, the crime to population ratio is all screwy, less people with the same amount of buck shit going on. hope that clears things up for ya.
  2. Agreed, teck is dope, yes. But I also disagree, because the beast you speak of, is dope. Yeah, some people may disagree, but hey, some people, say cucumbers taste better pickled.
  3. Quite a few of my old garbage, and my old flicks... Looks like someone found the old photobuckets... Dope post
  4. GO WATCH FUDDY BUDDY GET HIS SHINE ON! http://youtu.be/F84eB_9xT7s
  5. Smells STRONGLY of bullshit, and douche water in here.
  6. god damn... so much crying. when did half of detroit become so cocky? Damn near all the people i hear bitching about the out of towners didn't really even start painting that hard until they came here. Sure, you did your fair share, but you don't have the clout to get all swingin' dick at someone who's flat out better than you, more up than you, older than you, and more respected WORLD WIDE than you. If you deserved that respect, they'd be out there painting with you. Look at who those guys paint with, and you'll see where you stand for real on the food chain, the real "detroit writers" like dont, stori, elmer, gasm... you don't hear a damn one of them spillin guts on 12oz about how one of their fill-ins got blazed over by a production wall. Dont like what i'm saying? Try taking a good look at yourself. Instead of puffing your chest out, try doing what "the real" "old school" "writers" used to do when they got fronted on, and STEP YOUR GAME UP. Are you up hard in multiple states/cities? Are you ahead of the game style wise? Do you rack more shit than you buy? Sure, you may be a tough guy, or racked a few tubs, shit, maybe even have a few nice spots... but you still don't compare to what's considered "real" now-a-days. it's cool, you're some random home-towner just like the rest of us, myself included. Don't front, just be happy with what you have, and what you've done. Bitching only outs yourself as the jealous, bitter person you're becoming. also, for the millionth time. tags < throws < fillin's < straight letters < burners < pieces < production walls. pretty simple.
  7. I now understand why seeking was so quick to drop the ban hammer and to delete shit-starting bullshit.
  8. Jeeeeeeeesus H fucking Christ... Ethersock... Seriously... CLOSE. THIS. RETARDED. FUCKING. THREAD.
  9. ethersock... please... just delete this god-forsaken thread.
  10. well, it finally happened. don't post the fucking dumb video on here, we all know it's bullshit. WE ALL KNOW IT WASN'T THE GUYS IN THAT VIDEO WHO FUCKED WITH THE OLD MAN DOWNTOWN, it's that simple, no need for discussion. Now, it's TIME TO SHUT THE FUCK UP. DO NOT MENTION NAMES, DON'T DRY SNITCH. (don't know what dry snitching means? then you shouldn't be talking AT ALL.)
  11. Sorry Red, but stormy really does whoop the shit out of most of the record stores I've ever been to, hello included. Also, yes, Al Ameer is good, both of you know that used to be my go-to for Lebanese, but recently I have changed my preferences. Cedarland has better shawarma and falafel, Ameer has better bread.
  12. Record stores: Peoples records Stormy records (real dope, and close to a dope restaurant called cedarland) Record graveyard
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