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  1. The Fall - the classical Belle and Sebastian - sleep the clock around British sea power - apologies to insect life The Unicorns - les os The Smiths - sweet and tender hooligan Gwen Stefani - what you waiting for
  2. tu n'es manifestement pas un golfeur... sinon, merci d'avoir réveillé ce post, si tu as des photos à contribuer n'hésites pas
  3. from http://www.hnteuropa.fr.st/ check it out
  4. yay! more pictures: barcelona
  5. most pics are wether from barcelona (crazy) or switzerland, there is also stuff from france and poland and the kaput is in montreal
  6. Coming through with the innocence of the new born lamb, the flamboyance of the eagle, and the violence of its claws. Most photos were collected from fotologs such as http://www.fotolog.net/donald_calidoe/ http://www.fotolog.net/unozooclub http://www.fotolog.net/izquierdos/ http://www.fotolog.net/_themisfits_/ http://gloryomat.tk/ etc...
  7. "avec tout l'or que j'ai, je t'attache et je te fouette"
  8. they are from like 2003 but the pictures were took this weekend
  9. still running in barcelona!
  10. i really like espo's stuff, and KR selling KRink is a good concept
  11. I already see graffiti as a "concept" in itself so writers that involve another layer of meaning in the act of writing kind of run the risk to overload their shit you know
  12. pictures of castro would be nice and also saiko
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