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  1. you could get some chewing tobacco inste- no wait thats a terrible idea. nah ur fucked
  2. damn lettermans an asshole. that dude was fuckin hilarious and he dissed him all hard. he prolly made him cry an shit, u could see dude was sensitive.
  3. u sound like u might be sufffering from vitamin defieciencies
  4. i kno some white boys from ghetto ass neighborhoods and they say that shit all the time but it's so natural to them that you dont even really notice. it's when it comes out sounding awkward that people will jump on yur ass. if people detect weak spirit they will attack. as far as that teacher sayin it, teachers arent even supposed to say 'shit' or 'fuck' in which case he should have known damn well not to be touchin the n-word, or any derivatives of.
  5. I hear AA is a great place to meet women because they need sex to keep their mind off drinking.
  6. its all about that Shogun Assassin joint yo When I was little, my father was famous He was the greatest Sam-u-rai in the empire the shoguns decapitator... He cut off the heads of 131 lords.....
  7. man they got this one thing at Outback where you can get ribs and chicken on the same plate with some sides. shits the bomb diggity
  8. try some good ole social contact. you'd be surprised how much that shit helps sometimes
  9. im not sayin shit was covered up im just pointing out were all hating on the arabs when we should keep in mind we got crazies over here too.
  10. yo that book "My Bloody Life" about a latin king is RIDICULOUS gangsta. hard core shit
  11. heres some random racist shit: the book entitled "The Turner Diaries" is a very widely distributed white supremacist novel that outlines a step by step guide to taking over the united states through guerilla warfare tactics. interestingly enough, the ending (sorry if im spoiling it for ya) depicts the main character FLYING AN AIRPLANE INTO THE PENTAGON. the book was written in the late seventies. Timothy McVeigh, the guy behind the Oaklahoma City bombing, had a copy of the book in his possession when he was apprehended. The second-worse terrorist attack in the US was done by an AMERICAN W
  12. yea those 17 foot long cracks can be hard to notice sometimes....
  13. if u get a parking ticket and contest that shit and u lose when u go to court, do you hvae to pay MORE, or just the amount of the original ticket?
  14. here's a one liner: so these two guys walk into a bar...but the third guy ducks
  15. yea thats funny dude I see exactly what you're talking about altho I'm pretty sure that that piece was in fact colored on a separate piece of paper, cut out with an exacto and then transfered over (if not digital). the reason it looks like you can see the blue lines peeking through is actually an optical illusion. I'm sure we've all seen the grids with "dots" inbetween them: http://www.up.ac.za/organizations/movup/images/minefun/illusion12.png I think those "lines of print" you're seeing result from the same effect. --- Sure a wealth of knowledge in regards to sketching tec
  16. I second that. Ya'll can call me a nut-hugger all day if u want, but that just means you dont know who this man is. East, I remember seein a lot of your werk from magazines when I was just comin up. You've made some incredible contributions to the mid-west graff scene. I swear some of those productions you did with Aero, Dase, Skribe and Kuaze still blow away a lot of what's comin out now. You were and still are a major inspiration for me, thank you.
  17. what i cant give props to someone who deserves it? if u wanna diss every muthafucker that gave him a compliment you got a long ass list...
  18. Trains: Oh hit me hit me please! Omens: (sigh)....ok
  19. great catches. too many to name. glad to see that FEAR still rockin, one of the first burners i ever saw. that second batch of flix was an eyegasm for sher.
  20. EASY...he makes it look (in yoda voice) GOZR...my favorite ghostbuster character: the naked chick! ARYS...killin PEOPLE...marvelous GUTS...mmm tasty Pretty fuckin good bench for a "1st time." Too bad cocksuckin pigs gotta interupt with their two cents no one wants to hear...BACON!!
  21. damn cats be throwin down up in hur NewKoncept that full page is unreal...terminal illness bro. Dase, Ways...what can I say yall some serious style technicians. here goes a sketch for DASE, if u could hit me back with a sketch that would be cool as fuck mang. i'll try to get some other cats too... Keep those sketches comin everybody...
  22. ^^well hey, thats his method. here's the one i think u meant Flavi
  23. WAYS at it again...lovin the versitality bro. Here's a "Banter" with a jacked 'N'
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