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  1. nah man they will fuck you up in canada. there's this one mutherfucker with claws, yes, CLAWS man, and he'll tear your shit up. i heard dude is from a government experiment or some shit...
  2. just get one of those tapes schwartzenegger had in Last Action Hero that was just a loop of him going: "Uh-huh. Mmm. Uh-huh. yup. ah. Uh-huh..." that should do the trick.
  3. man this debate is kind of ridiculous. graf might get bigger or die down a little but really we should all be grateful we dont have shrapnel blowing up around us or an economic depression that forces everybody to work eighty hours a week just for a loaf of bread. as long as you dont need to dodge artillery shells to get to the spot, and people have leisure time available to them, graf will continue on no matter how many cameras they install or how hard they buff. but yea it would be really cool if people starting seeing graffiti as an expression of that oh-so coveted american virtue-- fre
  4. great flix, all classics.
  5. if/when you get there, you'll figure it out for yourself. if u really put serious time in, you'll come up with "spice" just out of sheer necessity to fight the boredom of redundancy. dont waste your time on the internet, if you have questions about drawing, look at a sketchbook and ASK THE PAGE!
  6. this man brings hotness like a flamethrower...great post damn too many to name but that BUKET really stands out to me that SPELL MUCH EWOK MBER car is on point, bump the fr8 elders who is that crazy wispy soft rendered piece next to JONES? is that BERLIN?
  7. props for the cats riskin some nasty cane beatings!
  8. and how they gonna play the hype ad for like forty minutes before the fights even start?! man i already saw the fuckin ad, show some unknowns goin at it or sumthin, damn
  9. fuck tha UFC, its all about PRIDE. thats where all the real fighters are. man i almost fell asleep watchin that bullshit last night.
  10. yo its all about Jim Morrison. that dude was the fuckin MAN. perfect example of the candle that burns brightest doesnt burn for long...or something. but true story. Val Kilmer did him justice.
  11. talent comes and goes. its nature and nurture working together to create awesomeness. there were many greats who have left us, yes. but that doesnt mean there arent cats out today that rock some shit. i firmly believe that we will witness at least one mutherfucker who doesnt get worse as he/she gains fame and wealth. it's gotta happen at least once. if those "greats" were around today, they would probably just be strung out on heroine.
  12. depends. how big are your tits?
  13. Re: Nirvana Vs. Pearl Jam fuck pearl jam but man kurt knew exactly what the fuck he was doing. go out on top. stop while your ahead. leave em wantin more...he actually listened to the wisdom of the ages.
  14. nah man if ole girl is a smoker or hardcore coffee drinker STAY AWAY from the pink taco...
  15. owl karma metal fingaz
  16. EZ REZIST Black River Pancho...way to call em out. why cats gotta hate on characters? if your gunna go over somebody at least do somethin better than a fill-in
  17. Rend, about your whole prisma problem; yea it is about money. when u got a brand new marker u can color large areas without the streak marks, but the ink will run out eventually and you'll see the streaks, at that point u need to use a NEW marker with fresh ink. doing this can obviously be mad expensive. some cats can do it tho, they either rack or have professional art jobs. here's two suggestions if u are unable to come up with an infinite supply of fresh markers: 1. when u get the streaks, go over the same area with a color pencil of the identical color, thats the beauty of prismas, th
  18. nice one este. when dudes start asking u what markers u used u should punch them in the mouth.
  19. haha zangief man i seen this karate movie where this dude really does fight a bear, but I couldnt find it. so enjoy these instead:
  20. So Im getting "evaluated" at work tomorrow. Whatever the fuck that means. I will probably zone out as soon as my boss starts talking. Wish me luck.
  21. i like how it's wearing a backpack. they're getting ready to fit it with a rocket pack once production gets underway. then the robot armies will rule the skies.
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