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  1. patron

    ahh skee skeee skeee

    ahhhh skeet skeet skeet
  2. patron


    damn this guy snapped.... this is like that trapped in the closet song but graffiti.... the r kelly of frieghts much props...
  3. patron

    If my rhymes were a drug i'd sell it by the gram

    yoson and buik uc crew jeahhh!!
  4. patron

    day off

    buik silk ultra crack
  5. patron

    bloomington indiana

    i give respect to any one who paints in Gary. im amazed that guy was able to be outside long enough to paint a peace with out being shot. kudos.
  6. patron


    you wont do shit to minnesota hoe. TWIN CITIES ALL DAY. These fst kids got run out of the game up here a long time ago. This city don't tolerate bullshit cali letters. and bjae =worst name ever.
  7. patron


    bjae the dick suckahh and the faggot style troop yall aint even wellcome in your own fucking city!!! all of you should mass exodus to kentucky. yeah you fool some people with your bitten styles but real heads see through the bullshit. props to real mpls frieght heads mber much yen ewok hope kuma etc..
  8. patron

    chopped and screwed

    2die4 by yen34 hm buik enue this shit is throwed. i'm assuming by your name u caught these in tx?
  9. patron


    chisme flawless over the bar
  10. patron


    that soul vie is fresh as fuck
  11. patron


  12. patron


    big colt for fizzle doin it!! just caught some fresh c45 tags hope he does some more shit round these parts.
  13. patron


    I didnt know him but he had some of the freshest letters i've ever seen. style for miles. Rest in power.
  14. patron


    fuck this little snitch ass fagget dookie upperlip LD student. MP5 los Mas Putos en 5 Quoted post [/b] haha the're not eve the same people. your attempt to insult some one failed. bumb for that rumor
  15. patron


    :chicken: another toy update.. here is a good example of a toy. only a toy ,or one who lacks nollige of graff, will give props to them kbt's or any wh....i dont think any one from out side of your crews thinks that u guys are any good wackooooossssssssssss!!!! :chicken: [/b] except any one who ever has stepped into a frieght yard buddy them kids murder frieghts with funky ass simples. WH is and FS are a huge force on steel. and colt and guer bomb shit hard . Im not jocking these niggas but you shouldnt say some lame ass shit like no one thinks these kids are good. they got props all over the country.