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  1. drinkxylene

    oxycontin can ruin you're life!

    i like all these flicks of engines and unpainted train cars... i hardly ever see those really so its like an interesting prespective to see them on the internet. :yuck:
  2. drinkxylene


    this thread is really good thanx for sharing flicks online!
  3. drinkxylene

    still learning

    keep it up man... next thing you know you are posting multiple flicks... then you add water stamps so people cant steal your flicks (as if they are valuable) and then you bench so much hoping that sever or rime or somebody will acknowledge your efforts and write about you in a book or something... itll never happen... youll eventually realise you are a loser and quit benching.
  4. drinkxylene

    ahh skee skeee skeee

    necs hands down
  5. drinkxylene

    Thank God i wasnt to cool for the safe belt

    that lions is an ill burner
  6. drinkxylene

    Infected By Devils

    how bout some mink? i like the doods graff-- keeps it simple but still loose enough to not be boring.
  7. drinkxylene

    Krushing Steel.

    that paler is a bite off pores' older shit. plus you guys all suck at graffiti.
  8. drinkxylene

    deth/kult walls

    if less than 2/3rd's of a flick is not DK dont post it. people will get the wrong impression.
  9. drinkxylene

    Tx Benchin

  10. drinkxylene

    Ottawa central railroad part/2

    tars takes it.
  11. drinkxylene


    people that have flicks of their frieghts on myspace suck i guess?
  12. drinkxylene

    It's a wrap...

    you must have a nice warm car...
  13. drinkxylene


    great post you silly fuck!
  14. drinkxylene

    If that ain't country, I'll kiss your ass

    all fresh.
  15. drinkxylene

    I got a case of the Monday's

    pshaw local line!