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  1. Kiro 2001 ! Drif cys'n huge
  2. EVOK ONE SAN JO. rest in power.
  3. vent 26 from 1995...thats fresh.
  4. old chris and crete 85 nice catch
  5. cafe kure erase defi !!! nice catch
  6. bump for jaber and much looks like kyro wasn't really on fire.:(
  7. OH MY,....it can only get better. i know wkt is toy...i mean after all this time of being forced to coexist in the same town as these idiots, i can't believe my eyes.. that dumb fuck gus an alan have dropped so low as to write some fake ass 1996 next to some bootsy ass fill...wow you girls are weak. someone wake me up an get me out of this toy ass nightmare !!!!!!!!!
  8. keep smok'n that crys..an make yourslf belive..... :gaga:
  9. fuk hindoe SukaB an whoeva the fuk else is in that lame ass poor exuse fo a crew same shiet goes fo dum ass buks,yull all get caught slip'n .... wish you coulda been ...awe...nobody gives you girls nough attention...gota go over everybody in sj...cant walk the streets without pepper spray....cant fight folks same size as you..feel'n tough cuz you can paint 6 nights in a row....ha hahahahahah. lame.
  10. Begr ACRO Bukue JABs ZEN pumpkin cali love
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