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  1. skep ower resh mense dek rumor bump all them florida cats
  2. bump those GOK's someone post some Threat if u got
  3. i asked a couple of old 7s members and they said they never put these kids down so its definately just another crew w/ the same name(a little ironic huh?) rip gb uhhh theres a 7s thats been around for a while thats from broward county Quoted post not as long as that mia 7s tho
  4. :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: holy shit u guys r funny as fuk
  5. who got croosed out in this flick? Quoted post [/b] DSENT i think?
  6. CHISME and RUMOR, those who realise what i just said know that it would prob. never happen but damn it would be tite!
  7. hands down that is just fuken sick
  8. ummm i duno y the fuk they came out so small...
  9. i couldnt agree more with u
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