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Everything posted by bostonwriter

  1. i picked up a 91 rusto royal blue today got it for free so im happy
  2. im looking for krylon hot rasberry hit me up with a pm
  3. european graf is supadupa weak but bates, great, and some other dudes are strait other wise its wak
  4. quick question can pentels be re-filled?
  5. there is a lot of wack european shit in the graffiti world book
  6. got this book its alright but not that good the all cty book is better
  7. just a question is there a mop thread? only mops not marks and mops
  8. yo graff is more about letters than it is fills so yall should worry about the lettrers not the fill
  9. that sucks good thing i desided to not use that shit a long time ago
  10. why are people still posting on this tread
  11. i cant belive i made this thread oh and BOGE ima gonna kick ur ass lol
  12. just found out wat it was. he said it was pretty dangerous and expencive
  13. all i was tryin to find out is wat u use to melt into tha windows not to hear all this shit talkin, but wat ever i will just ask my boy.
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