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  1. oui gangedalf you heard correctly!..
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  7. skroeape


    I highly doubt the 1 month in jail for taking photos part, unless they have a bit of reason suspect its you who painted it (ie: flicking it the first few time its running before rush hour, and or paint on clothes that match) though still not proof thats pretty much the only scenarios i can think of where they'l detain you for it, correct me if I'm wrong though, I'm not from there, just find it a little bit hard to believe that would be normal..
  8. caught some moar in rome few years ago defintely one of the ones that caught my attention the most
  9. think you were trying to mention piramide? in Rome which yes although on the B line the B is just another sunway line they have commuters starting at piramide i believe go more to the suburbs which are also good, when i was there even though most of the trains were smashed like crazy for the subs and suburban commuters there was always some random completely clean trains that rolled in lol, and you may find good places to bench where you dont have to worry about what was mentioned.. about the UK i was surprised to hear nothing is running when i was there just 2 years ago (forget the subway/tube obviously if your in London though you never know) in terms of the Br's i got plenty all you need is more patience than in most other countries wait a few hours at any main station you should catch one or two panels as i had unless it really changed in two years, overall caught about 5 panels there and i was only a few hours benching overall, one time the first train i saw getting to London bridge i think had panels.. but someone correct me if it really changed in two years, Prague was fucking AMAZING two years ago has that changed to though?
  10. there are a decent amount of ill places to bench in Europe that are not really mentioned on here..
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