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  1. Dam all mine & my crews trains must just dodge you or something. haha.
  2. Re: Don't Call it Frisco productions are corny? yea maybe on every street corner, but in general they're real nice when put together with non-toy/played-out pieces.
  3. is that jero kool from 93? god dam
  4. Re: Freight Kings From Everywhere oh yea MBER.
  5. Re: Freight Kings From Everywhere I see a lot of harsh/destn, I see a lot of me, I see a lot of my crew, I see a lot of etc, nsf, wh, I see a lot of jase, I see a lot of everyone, everyone paints trains now, aint no fucking kings of freights. If anything, there are freight "pioneers". The only ones I see on here is DENZ, erupto too but he was'nt known on trains before 96-97, either was I, either was YOU. Who was you ask? How about PORN, KING157, HAZE, SIEN5, MONE, MANESTAR, EROS, KERO, SLEJ, PAYDIRT, JERO, KAWS, NACE, GKAE, GIANT, DRONE, JESL, STEW, SUG. I might of left a few out. B
  6. Shit, wear a giants hat to rosarito on a holiday weekend an see how many fools talk some shit. I speak from experience, but maybe it's just the baseball rivalry, but yea this whole la bay shit talking is real gay.
  7. did you leave the arys there so we'd notice or what? Keep covering the ugly ones it's all gravy. :cool:
  8. Rip for real man I really loved seeing those phrite & sinek armn pannels rolling. Dude probably did more armns in a year than i'll do ever. Much love. pi?r
  9. Someone post some kick & buds trains. Post some REAL westcoast freight hitters that have been around longer than 5 years.
  10. What about Chris chasing buket thru sju??
  11. shit..go search around in the sacramento thread, fools been biting emer & refa for over a decade over there. haha.
  12. Shit..I'll paint for george w. bush if it has to do with making paper. If you can use your skills you got from doing illegal activities, to make money with, and get free paint out of it..you're kidding yourself if you think that's lame, even if you don't like what you're painting, you're kidding yourself. I guess if you don't need the extra money like me, then your opinion might matter. But in the longrun..it's just graffiti..
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