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  1. Yesterday. Rainy sunday chillout with Tone, Kyi, Dusty, Zek, Loop, Osek, Nora & Bion..
  2. Something from last few weeks, some still unfinished:
  3. Helsinki Winter Graffiti. Everyone had same amount of cans, time and a random word...
  4. the thing you draw. your sketch.
  5. CILONE got your point, you're right, but today most of the throw ups are bubbles or simple straight letters (and that's how it been the 20 years i've been painting). And to a throw up battle imo you should do stuff most people think as throw up. And i still see your outline as simple piece.
  6. Gotta agree. Cilone got a nice simple piece there, but imo that ain't trow up.
  7. ansichrist


    A finnish bike from 1950's... had been sitting outside for ~20 years, so it had a "some" work. Made the bag & handles from a purse i bought from flea market for one €.
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