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  1. the good thing about you gossiping ass bitches is that you guys spread hella random rumors which are false the the shit sed on here is bullshit but a small percentage is real so if your gonna say some shit let it be false
  2. montana ink is weak as fuck no stain at all fades like fuck 2
  3. why the fuck is toy ass alter on here.. homie better get his shit erased
  4. if this is your first fill and all maybe you shouldnt be posting all this shit because fools will naturally clown on your ass also you shouldnt mix gang shit with your graff because youll get fucked worse with gang affiliation shit
  5. either mr is even gayer than i ever thought possible or somebody is purpin the sn to make them look gayer maybe del.. either way its weak and it needs to stop
  6. ^^^ wow Murder & Robbery is hard core they stomped on the softest pussy around then come on the internet to brag...savs but one question why is he still going through MRs shit??? apparently he didnt get the message
  7. dont come on here and try to drop unders... especially when you are wrong. the breed was IT not the walker and dude needs to get off breeds dick bst aint doin shit Being Small Time is what they are
  8. well the fool that did that should get binked on by IT for purpin with his half year bombin ass
  9. what's the story behind this??? Quoted post grits a newjack toy, IT goes back. bump to my niggas enuf and breed. Quoted post [/b] thats not breed or enuf, fool is scary bombin and perpin. if it was them they were pussy you hack names you put names
  10. HSC? so fucking dope niggas are gonna be begging to be in that shit. Whats crackin with me???? i write hurt one or hert1
  11. that fools from the aves youll find him out there
  12. AND YOU WOULD BE 2 ME? IF YOU DONT KNOW THAT FOOL, THEN WHY YOU GETTIN IN THE MIX? Quoted post DONT KN0W HOW LONG U HAVE LIVED HERE, BUT ITS SOUTH VAN NESS WERE IT CROSSES, SO GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT BUSTA! :burn: :shook: :hatred: :clown2: Quoted post i new some one would talk shit i now the 42 and 49 run up van ness i got hit on mission and south van ness in front of goodwill the 14 does run down mission right ? any ways ya i will stay back in the d.. in the meantime keep smokin your bo-bo,s on 16th and mision homeboy Quoted post [/b] close..but its the 47 not the 42.
  13. oh no king kuts is gonna kill lil old powder..ok c clare you are hella dumb for not knowing ce is spice but now u know.
  14. that scrag shit 40 thieves is a joke none of those fools even pull licks like that fake ass thieves who dont even rack they buy their paint from scrag :haha: :haha:
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