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  1. Lego one

    Painting clean

    where i come from writers have this whole asshole persona they seam to think is vital to being a respected writer, it's just cool to see a writer actually helping the toys out instead of just going over their shit and taking their shit on the other hand all that shit you get when your starting out kinda builds character no?
  2. no creo que me quede mas men, quien eres tu?
  3. daos dea nasty fare daos zer spin bare and some other tnc dudes daos yaer esc
  4. sey hear hear sey lego lego lego lego thenk lego lego zwai dure lego lego lego
  5. ask lego yaer mek Daos Vander Zer Nasty Daos Zer zer
  6. stepped on a hobo trying to climb onto a roof got into conversations with this crackhead whilst I was bombing at first I paused and was looking at him and he was like no worries dude i like graffiti and then theres endless bribe stories and shit
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