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  1. fuck no thats for me , im buyin my girl this one... Quoted post [/b] word! to bad they sell out as soon as the store gets em......i tried comp usa, apple store, best buy, radio shack......id buy it onlin but im scared the package will come and her be home or something like that....
  2. shovel


    the outlines are better.......
  3. im getting mine a nano....since i treated myself to a ibook
  4. buying my ibook my lovely girlfriend my parents being supportive getting a diploma
  5. shovel


    i guess i made a good purchase... do they still come with limewire? or they never did?
  6. thats pretty lame.......didnt he get banned because of something he posted on myspace? if so thats fucked..
  7. shovel


    thanks for all the info dudes
  8. shovel


    i bought one off apple.com...the 12" one and from the sounds of it i wont be dissapointed
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